Law Chetra kick off 8 consecutive leagues in Thailand finals silver belt

The leg of the 911 Super League triumph Law Chetra kick off the 8th leg beat Thailand in the first round. The PNN silver belt final on Sunday, May 19, 2019.

Young boxers are in the process of losing their title belt to just half a minute. Priced at $ 10,000, the PNN's last week, the Cambodian heavyweight champion did not have much capacity, Each hand and kick strong.

His record of his left and right leg was only eight feet, making the referees counting Thai players once and then referees. Decided to stop at the first half of the game because of seeing the Jaroenlaph Sitwirachat passers No ability to compete.

Thai Jaroenlaph Sitwirachat in the first round went on to win the silver tie for the final round, waiting between Saroeun Chan touches this week to find out who hit his younger brother Lao Chantara. This ring will be the second round of the gold tie Furthermore, the ring PNN with prizes up to $ 10 thousand.

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