Visit to Kep Tep is not known about My House Resort.

There are not many tourists who know and relax at My House Resort in Kep, if you went to relax there, it really does not disappoint you. There are two beautiful natural beaches that you have never seen before.

My House Resort is located in Eung Ang Village, Pong Teuk Commune, Dam Cheung District, Kep Province, a hotly contested battle between government troops and the Khmer Rouge (Phnom Lottery). If you want to go to My House Resort, you will first get out of Kep City to Kampot, when you will see the sign on the right hand side, writing that Hill Road is on the way. That's less than 10 km will reach the target.

Davan, My House Resort's owner, said that visitors visiting here will visit the fantastic wildlife consulting specials, especially visiting dairy plantations, the famous mountain pepper plantation. All over the world. And after a relaxed break, guests can rest in the My House Resort with rooms for only $ 35 per night and have a clear pool like glass E.

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