Moms, a little careful while breastfeeding can develop these diseases

There are many reasons that moms should breastfeed mom, such as a non-breast milk mom or mom Stay with the kids. But breastfeeding is not safe for children, according to Dr Hang Dany, deputy director of the department. Nutrition of the National Pediatric Hospital.

Nutrition experts say that babies who breastfed milk often get obesity at an early age, and High blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or stroke (stroke). The disease can be harassed by baby formula because the child's immune system is not like milk.

"Breast milk is easier to disperse than any other type of fatty protein, and the lower the levels of sugar," says Dr. Huron. Child protection system. On the other hand, babies who breastfeed have an allergic reaction to diarrhea and can help reduce their risk of developing the disease. "

And some milk contains more viral replication and sweeteners, and if fatty proteins are not as easily dissolved as milk Mother. DHA, which is used to grow in the brain system, is less of a mother's milk. Therefore, doctors recommend that moms breastfeed for at least six months.

Overall, babies who are breastfed are more healthier than babies who are breastfed and for mental cures. This does not dare to be smarter than any other document.

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