Senior officials of the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Cambodia's first oil refinery will boost the national economy further.

Phnom Penh: Senior officials of the Ministry of Mines and Energy said that while the growth of Cambodia's economy has maintained steady growth of around 7% in almost a decade or so, Its first step will push the economy further. The National Assembly opened a seminar on the draft of the Law on Petroleum and Petroleum Products, which has been co-opted by several relevant institutions. Also, HE Secretary Sok Khawvan, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, expressed the strong expectation that products derived from this potential will be Have problems Rapid changes in economy.

Minister of Minerals and Energy Minister Soy Sem said the draft of the Law on Oil and Petroleum Management was tailored to the standards and the Internationally in the mining sector and to protect the environment and natural resources sustainably. Seminar on Understanding Oil and Petroleum Law was held for the purpose of providing the opportunity to review and study. Draft of Joint Petroleum and Petroleum Regulations to ensure the development of Cambodia's oil reserves with transparency. To improve the economy and living standards of citizens.

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