Abandonment of missile tests is equivalent to abandoning protectionism rights

The North Korean state-run KCNA on Monday said the abandonment of the missile test was equivalent to abandoning protectionism, and also considered that US national security adviser John Bolton The "ignorant" that Pyongyang's missile test violated the UN resolution. According to Reuters, on Monday, May 27, 2019.

The KCNA makes such reports based on a statement from the DPRK Foreign Ministry. "Bolton is making trouble by claiming that our regular military training is a violation of the UN Security Council resolution," the statement said. But, on the contrary, this is the most ignorant ... "

In early May, the DPRK launched two short-range missiles, which Bolton regards as a provocative act and violates UN resolutions. But on Sunday, Donald Trump said it was only a small weapon test and did not worry him.

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