Defense Minister: China will fight until the last breath if the United States still interfere with the Taiwan issue

Singapore: Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe made such remarks to delegates attending Shangri-La Dialogue Security Meeting in Singapore. "The People's Liberation Army will have no choice but to fight to defend Taiwan if the United States or any foreign force wants to take Taiwan out of China," Fenghe said. Beijing is poised to fight for its last breath to protect its national interests and will not hesitate to use its military force if any foreign forces are to destroy one single Chinese island policy. Taiwan leaves China. This is a warning issued by the Chinese Defense Ministry released by RT on Sunday, June 2, 2019.

However, the Chinese Defense Minister also asserted that China and the United States are fully aware that the war will cause serious disasters, and Beijing has always been determined to safeguard peace and stability. In the region. Wei Fenghe's remarks came after US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan on Saturday accused China of direct instability in Asia.

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