Very excited! Even in the hot battle, Cambodia's forces in the UN are not ashamed of world peace

While carrying out the United Nations (UN) missions, Cambodian helmets have been doing humanitarian activities under the auspices of peace. Give the world without discrimination. Cambodian Blue Hat Squadron does this without disturbing, despite challenges and accidents, insecurity, climate or disease in Mission area. According to Facebook, the peacekeeping force for the world.

Two years ago, four soldiers who sacrificed their lives while fulfilling the United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic Rebels fired into a convoy and killed a car. According to the CNC's website, Cambodia ranked 29th, sending peacekeeping forces to Out of the United Nations in 124 countries worldwide. Rank 17 on the sending of women's forces, and in terms of ASEAN, Cambodia ranked third in referral Outbound Peacekeeping Forces and No. 2 For Transferring Women's Forces.

Currently, Cambodia has peacekeeping forces serving missions under UN labels in eight countries, including the Republic of Sudan South Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Syria, Chad, Mali and Central Africa. 799 peacekeepers are currently deploying in five countries, including 62 women's forces.

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