Sergio Ramos Requests Florentino Perez From Real Madrid

According to Spanish television sources, Sergio Ramos has asked the club to leave but Florentino Perez has a different idea. According to a Spanish TV program, Jugones, a 33-year-old, was asked by a club in China to pay higher wages and to sue him. The player may decide to go without a slight dumb challenge.

The proposal, Ramos himself, is reportedly said to have spoken to the president in a personal meeting with Perez, Ramos himself Rene Ramos, his brother, and Julio Senn, the player agency. In the same! The president has said that you can not get out of trouble, Madrid can not give you a captain for anyone.

The news on the television show confirmed that the defender had received a request from a Chinese club and that he was reluctant to go for a bit. A few days ago Ramos announced he wanted to leave from Real Madrid.

Actually! The relationship between Sergio Ramos and Perez has been in dispute since March when Madrid came out of the Champions League with Ajax. The AS report said that the president had approached the players in the dressing room and had responded with Ramos too.

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