Before visiting the Austrian garden, Mondulkiri was aware of this important thing, not to ride hundreds of kilometers and disappointment.

The presence of the rare and new Austrian zoo that appeared on the territory of Mondulkiri was shaking the heart you wanted. To visit from all over. Due to the increase in the number of people wanting to visit and photograph real photos, juvenile hatcheries from people living in Mondulkiri province have confirmed that for The long-distance traveler who is planning to visit the Austrian Park knows this important thing, not to go hundreds of miles in distress.

Mr. Ngin Sopheak Residents of Mondulkiri province told Sabay on the phone so far that the Austrian Animal Care Agency has asked to be suspended. An Austrian zoo for a while. Mr. Sopheak confirmed that according to what he knew was due to fears that Austrians had health problems. Faced with death, it is rare.

However, he said the closure was closed only inside the park, but visitors were still able to see Or recording an Austrian from the outside can not touch it directly. The park is located in Kdom commune, Oreang district, traveling from Sen Monorom and down the road. Red to about 7 kilometers. Sabay team can not ask for an explanation of the suspension or access by phone from the officials of the provincial administration because of the call No you lift.

Please note that Mondulkiri Province is a province of many kinds of wildlife. Recently, the private sector has created an amphitheater to supplement some wildlife species for easy access Like joining the conservation of the few remaining wildlife species in the Protected Forest. Mondulkiri is approximately 381 km from Phnom Penh and will be traveling along National Road 6, 7 and National Road 76. In addition to the Austrian Zoo, Mondulkiri has many amusement parks such as zoo, waterfall, many waterfalls and various natural resorts. Too.

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